ISCS Pending Projects

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  1. Logging interface

  2. Monitoring and alerting interface

  3. Active Directory user authentication

  4. RADIUS user authentication

  5. SecureID user authentication

  6. CAC user authentication

  7. e-Directory user authentication

  8. LDAP user authentication

  9. Support for Cisco devices

  10. Support for Nortel devices

  11. Support for other third party devices

  12. Delegated management, i.e., specific users can be given restricted access to certain parts of the network security configuration

  13. Support for SSL VPN

  14. Support for other VPN methods besides IPSec and SSL

  15. Predefined Server templates

  16. QoS

  17. Support for mobile gateways

  18. Hot failover

  19. Troubleshooting and diagnostic tools

  20. Support for application proxies

  21. Definition of data resources can include any pattern at any offset

  22. Support for Anti-Virus

  23. Support for Content Filtering

  24. Support for IDS/IPS

  25. Mapping of packet processing between different security subsystems

  26. Enhanced search and navigation features of the GUI Security Policy Manager

  27. Time as a security parameter

  28. Location as a security parameter

  29. Patch management

  30. Enhanced management of layer one and layer two configuration of gateways

  31. VPN topology choices

  32. Enhanced PKI integration

  33. Nested gateways

  34. Encryption and Authentication algorithms chosen based upon the data being accessed rather than predefined tunnels

  35. Enhanced update scheduling

  36. Dynamic rule optimization

I would like to sponsor or volunteer for a project

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