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ISCS version 0.1.1

Before Getting Started

Thank you for your interest in ISCS. We are thrilled that you have downloaded our product. We do not wish to scare you away but please read this section carefully to reduce grief for all of us!

  1. This product may not be for you. If you have a single firewall, this is not the product for you unless it is uses very complex access control and constantly changes. You will be far better off using fwbuilder ( or other similar rule creators.The additional overhead of ISCS becomes worthwhile at somewhere between three and five gateways and, of course, will scale to many, many, many more.

  2. This is not a configure && make && make install product. If you are looking for something simple which preserves the power of ISCS, please consider buying a commercial product from one of the companies that have commercialized ISCS technology. PLEASE READ THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

  3. If you are an experienced security administrator, your unlearning curve will be steeper than your learning curve. ISCS is not like any other network security configurator. If you attempt to use it like you used fwbuilder, Checkpoint, Cisco, NetScreen or any other network security tool, you will be frustrated, infuriated and generally miserable. Once you adjust to the ISCS paradigm, you will be able to achieve the over 90% reduction in time to configure network security that experienced ISCS users achieve. PLEASE READ THE SHORT INTRODUCTION.

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