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ISCS version 0.1.1


Before one can manipulate the ISCS security environment, one must login to the DBD. First, enter the database server if the database server field is not set properly. Once the database server is set, the list of available DBDs appears in the Database field. One can administer many different databases on many different database servers from the SPM. Many environments will have a single database server and a single DBD. Very small environments may run the DBD on the same computer as the SPM and thus use localhost for the database server. The default database is "spm" and cannot be deleted. The SPM will remember the last database, database server and database type administered.

Once the database server, database and database type are chosen, one enters one's user name and password and chooses to Login. One can also add and delete databases without logging in (please see the DBD administration section for more details) however one must still supply a user name and password for the database server to do so.

If one is already logged into a DBD, one does not need to re-enter the user name and password to change DBDs even if the DBD is on a different database server. It will utilize the current user name and password unless one specifically enters a new user name and/or password. The same is true for database administration.

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