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ISCS version 0.1.1

Upgrading to Version

The included upgrade scripts are not cumulative, i.e., you must follow the instructions for each upgrade between the version you are currently running and this version. For example, if upgrading from an ISCS version prior to 0.0.5, one must first perform the database updates described in the 0.0.5 upgrade instructions and 0.0.6 upgrade instructions before executing the below instructions.

Version includes a change to the models database table. One must update this table in every DBD instance and in the base database files used to create new databases. One should always back up any files and databases which are to be changed before beginning the upgrade.

Run the DBDUpgradeTo- script found in the DBD directory against each database, e.g., for MySQL execute:

mysql -u [UserName] -p -h [DatabaseServer] spm_spm < [tar archive directory]/DBD/DBDUpgradeTo-

Copy the new models.sql file in the DBD directory into the Database subdirectory in the installation directory, e.g.,

cp [tar archive directory]/DBD/models.sql /usr/local/SPM/Database/

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