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ISCS version 0.1.1

Upgrading to Version 0.1.1

The included upgrade scripts are not cumulative, i.e., you must follow the instructions for each upgrade between the version you are currently running and this version. For example, if upgrading from an ISCS version prior to 0.0.5, one must first perform the database updates described in the 0.0.5 upgrade instructions , 0.0.6 upgrade instructions, upgrade instructions and upgrade instructions before executing the below instructions.

This is upgrade is strictly a bug fix for installations on PostgreSQL. All of the below instructions assume one is running PostgreSQL and do not apply to MySQL installations.

Upgrading the DBDs

Although the upgrade is not difficult, because no change commits have been possible in PostgreSQL to this point, it may be easier to delete any databases and recreate them using the DBD installation instructions in this revised manual.

Upgrade Procedure:

Enable support for PL/PGSQL in your installation. This may require installing additional modules depending on your distribution. You may wish to install it on the template1 database and thereby enable it on any subsequently created databases. This will NOT automatically enable it on other existing databases. To enable it on template1, issue the following command as the postgres user: createlang plpgsql template1. To do this in one step as root, use su like this: su -c "createlang plpgsql template1" postgres.

To enable it on existing databases, connect to each database using psql and issue the following command: CREATE LANGUAGE plpgsql;

Run the DBDUpgradeTo-0.1.1.sql file against EACH previously existing database, e.g., psql -U MyID spm_MyDB < DBDUpgradeTo-0.1.1.sql

Please note that each database has a database prefix, typically spm_, e.g., if the SPM drop down menu lists a database named MyDB, the real database name is probably spm_MyDB unless you have reprogrammed the database prefix in the SPM source code.

It is best to overwrite all DBD scripts, e.g., Pgdbcopy, Pgdbnew, with the new scripts but one MUST at least replace the old version of Pgdbcopy with this new version wherever it is in the executable path.

If you are importing from an existing MySQL installation, the my2pgimport and my2pg scripts have been changed; please replace them with these newer versions.

Replace the spmskeleton.pgsql file wherever it is found (typically /usr/local/SPM/Database/).

Recompile the SPM as per the normal instructions and your PostgreSQL ISCS installation should be fully functional.

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